Friday, September 15, 2006

Why Senator Feingold Should Be President, Reason #47

Senators Feingold and Dorgan have come up with legislation that would encourage companies to increase their exports from America. (via Russ For President on 9/14). This would reduce our trade deficit, and stop the "race to the bottom" that job-killing free trade agreements have started.

This effort by Senator Feingold eviscerates the lie that NAFTA/CAFTA/FTAA supporters contstantly trot out, namely that opponents of such agreements are "protectionist." This proposal cannot honestly be called protectionist.

This also shows that the only people interested in solving the intractable problems we face are liberals. Or I should say, interested in solving these problems in ways that equitably apportion the benefits and risks amongst all Americans. Free traders are more than willing (gleeful in fact) to let the American working class bear all the costs of their policies, while consolidating the benefits in the hands of the corporate elite. At best they don't care about the havoc they wreak, at worst they deliberatly intend to cause this suffering and pain.

Don't get me wrong, I find this legislation to be a truly modest proposal. But it's the kind of issue that let's you ask the question: Which Side Are You On? If centrist Dems cannot be supportive of this idea (or ones similar to it) then they are hopelessly lost to the corporations who fund their campaigns (I'm not even going to allow myself the hope that Republicans could break free from their sycophantic ways on this issue).

Yet another reason why we need to promote Senator Feingold to the White House.


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