Thursday, June 22, 2006

GQ Smooth

How interesting that GQ, of all places, has an interview with Senator Feingold (via Political Wire).

Politically he covers his basic critique of the Bush Administration. Nothing those of us who follow him didn't already know. I did find his discussion of who he likes to hang out with in the Senate interesting, and true to form he was somewhat unpredictable. McCain was an easy one, but Collins, Cantwell, Graham, Sununu and Conrad? Who knew? (Although he does say that anyone who can make him laugh scores points. One wonders whether these folks are making him laugh intentionally.)

We also learn that he likes golf (sorry Senator, now YOU lose some points) and Tiger Woods. He packs like a girl (well, he gives a political non-answer answer to the question, but the implication seems clear). And between Jennifer and Angelina he chooses... Sharon Stone (all due respect to Ms. Stone, but the answer we were looking for was Jennifer. Jennifer.)

He briefly non-discusses his potential 2008 candidacy. The interesting thing he says is that he wants to see if "we" make progress. By "we" he's referring to the Democrats, but he doesn't explain how that will influence his decision to run. In my opinion, the Democrats could take back ALL of Congress, and we'd still need Senator Feingold to run.

I'll talk about this more later, but simply replacing the Bush Administration with a Democratic one is not going to be sufficient. Given how far President Bush has pushed the envelope in foreign policy, and in asserting an expansive set of powers for the Executive Branch (as well as many other audacious and incompetent acts) we really need someone in there who will be dedicated to reversing course. Sadly, not just any Democrat will do.

So, Senator? We need you!


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