Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Start the Drumbeat

I am home today recovering from a nasty bout of the stomach flu. But through my NyQuil induced haze I managed to send off the following to Senators Cantwell and Murray:
I am writing to urge you to support Senator Russ Feingold's resolution to censure President Bush over the president's illegal wiretapping program. The failure of the president to obtain warrants before engaging in domestic surveillance is deeply troubling. His justifications for this program are also troubling. The president insists that he has the inherent power to ignore what laws (FISA) and consitutional provisions (the 4th Amendment) he deems necessary to prosecute the war on terror. This is an unsettling view for any elected leader to take, and it is time that the Congress take its constitutional role seriously and put a stop to the president's abuse of power.

I urge you to stand with Senator Feingold, and demand accontability of our president.
It's not Shakespeare, but I hope all Washingtonians who pass this way will take time to drop a note themselves. For all you Oregonians, contact Senators Smith and Wyden.


Blogger russnrobb said...

Glad I found this site! I was home sick with a nasty cold today and also took the opportunity to write Senators Murray and Cantwell to support Feingold's censure resolution. I also sent an e-mail to Senator Feingold thanking him for his courage.

Why the dems are quivering before a president with a 33% approval rating is beyond me! I hope they grow some balls and start standing on sound principle!

They're afraid of looking weak on fighting terrorism, of making the commander-in-chief look weak in a time of war. That's bull crap! 1) The president took a pledge to defend the Constitution. His claims of executive power do not trump this oath of office. 2) One of the underlying principles of democracy is the rule of law. How can we promote the spread of democracy around the world while allowing our president to violate its underlying principles?!

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