Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A doin's a transpirin'!

Goodness! It's been two and half weeks since my last post, and my what a difference that time can make.

Ok, so first THE SEATTLE SEAHAWKS ARE IN THE SUPER BOWL!!!! When I woke up on Monday morning I was relieved to see two things: First, I hadn't dreamt their win over Carolina, and second, the Rapture had not struck.

Then a few days later Senator Feingold announces that he will vote "no" on confirming (now) Justice Alito. Then, he goes that one better by voting in favor of the ill-fated filibuster of Justice Alito's nomination.

The Patriot Act (remember that?) seems destined for another month of life, although Senator Feingold's long-term opposition remains.

Senator Feingold topped the Dkos straw poll, besting General Clark for the first time... well... ever. And we all know that if the Dkos community is behind you, then the sky is the limit!! You know, like Howard Dean.

I kid, I kid... I kid because I love.

Anything else? Oh right! President Bush delivered his State of the Union address, to rave reviews. Ho hum.

Next Monday the Senate Judiciary Committee is slated to start its hearings on the NSA wiretapping program. I'm both excited and nervous about this. Given the ham-handed efforts of several senators during the Alito hearings (and the Roberts ones before that) I seriously doubt our "A" team is being sent to safeguard our liberties. Not that I believe Senator Feingold has supernatural powers, but I definitely think that his method of questioning is superior to most other senators, and the Dems should really give him carte blanche to do the questioning. Actually, if it was only him and Senator Grassley I think the hearings could be informative. Of course, Senator Grassley might take us off on another discussion of qui tam, but I'd be willing to risk it. Seriously, I thought Grassley was one of the better Republican questioners.

Anyway, I'm completely ignorant of committee procedures and the like, so I don't know if the rules will give Senator Feingold the moment he deserves, but I really think this could be a definitive moment for him on the national stage. As the Dkos poll shows (to the exten that it shows anything) Senator Feingold's popularity amongst the lefty political junkies is growing. His performance in these hearings could begin moving opinion amongst those who are not political junkies or those who are not lefty, or both. Of course, this analysis presumes that the hearings will be public, which I suppose is a big "if" given this administration.

That's all for today. Hopefully enough to chew on and spit out.



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