Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Local Love For Feingold

The good folks at Democracy for Vancouver give some love to Senator Feingold.

I'm glad to see that. I'm not surprised that the activist wing of the party both knows of and approves of Senator Feingold, but it's good to see them talking about his presidential campaign.

The list bushtool enumerates shows that Senator Feingold will not lose the nomination on the merits. His positions are in line with most Democratic voters on all those issues. The obstacles that the senator faces are completely superficial. They will be either non-issues or false issues. Some will have a seductive logic to them, while others will appeal to little more than bigotry. They wil ALL be irrelvant.

The bottom line is that Senator Feingold's record speaks for itself, and in this day and age of a decaying (yet still powerful) conservative movement, that is more than enough to win.


Blogger John said...


Thanks for the cross reference to my post.

I did get some feedback about concerns with Russ on being too pro-Israel. I'm not sure that concern is warranted from googling him on the subject.

Perhaps you know more about Russ's views on the Israeli/Palestine/Hizbollah conflicts?

I put a blog link to you on

Look forward to mutually promoting Senator Feingold for President.


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